The MeD lab is equipped for fundamental and translational studies of cell-cell and cell-material interactions toward the formation of microtissues (3D cell cultures) for cell-based preclinical drug high throughput screening (HTS) platforms. Nano- and micro-material (scaffold) architecture fabrication techniques are employed and stem cells are frequently used. Collaboration with other disciplines is the norm.

The PI directs a second lab (3p-Innovations) focusing on development engineering–preparing students to develop and pilot sustainable technological interventions to improve development within complex low-resource settings.

The “glue” that binds the activities in the two labs is the engineering design foundation. In the microtissue engineering program, we have moved science forward mainly through the design, fabrication, and testing of unique micro-devices–at the cellular level. In the development engineering program, we have designed macro-devices, with which to intervene–at the human level. Whether the device is micro or macro, the mindset and skillset needed are not dependent on the scale–cellular or human.

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